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Image by Kristin Wilson


Machi-info was born from the idea to reuse our building in the city to create better community and environment. Machina mi - is specific words in Japanese  for " Continuity in the scenery". 

We have a lot of buildings, and wooden housings to be reused and

used for new aim to deliver the city to next generations. 

For more info, or if you would like to ask about Kyoto, please contact below.

Story with "Machi", City.

Machi-info is born to introduce specific property.

Every city has story, memory of the building.

While other real-estate is focusing to "SELL", we want to focus about more about "Reusing" building.

Are you,

- Living in overseas?

- Are you seeking traditional house or building, housing?

- Are you thinking to sell property to other people?

Feel free to contact 

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